The Festival Stage Timetable

Thursday 9th December
12.00 noon Sanjay Kumar
3.00pm Craig Jeffrey
4.00pm Tom Hunter
Friday 8th December
10.30am Anneeka Ludhra
11.15am Teri Walter
12.00 noon Simon George
12.45pm Nick Hemming
1.30pm Paul Harwood
2.00pm Neil Haydock
2.45pm Martin Perkins
3.30pm Karl Jones
4.15pm Russell Brown
5.00pm Suzy Lowe
5.45pm Sue Hammett
Saturday 9th December
10.30am Jude Kereama
11.15am Henk de Villiers Ferreira
12.00 noon Emily Scott
12.45pm Dale McIntosh
1.30pm Joe Simmonds
2.45pm José Graziosi and Alan Bird
3.30pm Adam Banks and Ely Owen
4.15pm Jamie Porter
Sunday 10th December
10.30am Stuart Pate
11.15am James Strawbridge
12.00 noon Ben Hawkins
12.45pm Andy Appleton
1.30pm Tim Pile
2.00pm James Nathan
2.45pm Pete Murt
3.30pm Darren Broom and Jack Bristow

All times and details are correct at time of going to press, but may be subject to change.