The Festival Stage Timetable

Thursday 6th December
12.30pm Adrian Oliver
1.30pm Anneeka Ludhra
2.30pm Darren Broom and Jack Bristow
3.30pm Dale McIntosh
4.30pm The Old Ship Inn, Padstow
5.30pm George Collins and Padstow Brewing Co
Friday 7th December
10.30am Gavin Roberts
11.15am Ben Palmer
12.00pm TBA
12.45pm Nick Hemming
1.30pm Ian Salmon and Jacob Keen-Downs
2.00pm Henk de Villiers Ferreira
2.45pm Mike Francis
3.30pm Karl Jones & apprentice chefs, Fifteen Cornwall
4.15pm Alex Scott
5.00pm Neil Haydock
Saturday 8th December
10.30am Andy Appleton
11.15am Paul Harwood
12.00 noon Russell Brown
12.45pm Ben Ambridge
1.30pm Apprentice chefs from Cornwall College
2.45pm Sharp's Brewery Beer Bingo
3.30pm Faye Hodgson
4.15pm Adam Banks and Elly Owen
5.15pm Nick Evans
Sunday 9th December
10.30am Ross Sloan
11.15am Toby Oliver Refroy
12.00pm Apprentice chefs from Cornwall College
12.45pm Pete Murt
1.30pm Alan Bird and Jose Graziosi
2.00pm Alex Clark
2.45pm Ashley Gains
3.30pm Craig Jeffery

All times and details are correct at the time of writing, but may be subject to change.

No tickets are required for demonstrations on the Festival Stage, but everyone must leave the theatre between each demo.

No dogs are allowed in the festival marquees.