Drink Producers

The Christmas market is the perfect backdrop to showcase a host of regionally-produced beers and wines, as well as artisan gins, cider, brandy, vodka, liqueurs, and fruit juices. Enjoy sampling these delicious and unique products – and why not take home a bottle or two as well?

We will be hosting late night shopping and a range of community stalls in the market from 5pm on Friday 8th December.

Sharp’s Brewery

Sharp’s Brewery was founded in Rock on the north Cornwall coast in 1994, when enterprising brewer Bill Sharp set out on a mission to make exceptional quality beer in the county.

With a small micro brewing plant and an ambition to brew 500 pints per week to pay the mortgage, Sharp’s Brewery was born. Brewed using time-honoured techniques and only the finest quality ingredients, Sharp’s beers have developed a signature style which continues to this day – balanced, elegant, highly drinkable with a complexity of flavours and moreish finish.


Tarquin’s Cornish Gin

Established in 2012, Tarquin’s is crafted on the wild Cornish coast by self-taught master distiller, Tarquin Leadbetter. It is proudly known as Cornwall’s original, independent, family-run distillery.

Championing the most traditional techniques alongside progressively modern approaches, the team are passionate about bringing a slice of Cornish sunshine to every glass. Its iconic flagship gin, Tarquin’s Cornish Dry, a contemporary Cornish twist on a classic London Dry, busting with zesty citrus notes and fragrant floral aromas, provides the canvas upon which all its growth has been shaped.

Tarquin’s now boast an amazingly diverse range of internationally award-winning spirits that each bring their own special appeal to the mix. The culmination of the team’s efforts were realised in 2017, by winning the esteemed crown of “World’s Best Gin” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The beating hearts of the distillery are Tarquin’s three 250 litre, flame-fired copper pot stills – Tamara, Senara & Tressa. The newest addition to the team is Ferarra – a state of the art, one-of-a-kind 500 litre copper still. Working in conjunction, Tarquin finely tunes and orchestrates the unique personalities of each still to create the beloved spirits.

Underpinned by an ethos of creative expression and innovation, all Tarquin’s gins are born in celebration of its Cornish heritage. They constantly take inspiration from local surroundings and fellow Cornish creatives. Post distillation, every award-winning bottle leaves the distillery having been waxed, stamped and signed by hand.


Elemental Distilling Co

The Elemental Distilling Co is a family run, craft distillery making authentic, award-winning spirits in the heart of Cornwall. Using traditional methods, sourcing local where possible and making genuinely small batches Nicki and Joe craft each bottle by hand, right here in Cornwall.


Trevibban Mill Vineyard & Ochards

Trevibban Mill Vineyard & Orchards

Established in 2008, Trevibban Mill is an award winning vineyard and orchards making a range of outstanding wines and craft ciders within a stylish and contemporary space in a beautifully rural setting, next to the picturesque fishing village of Padstow. Our vines and orchards flourish from the cool Cornish climate with its free-draining soils, warm summer days and long, cool evenings. Our focus is on quality and sustainability over production and our aim is to provide small quantities of characterful wines and ciders in the most resourceful way possible.

Overlooking the estate’s vineyard, our upper deck bar is a captivating location for wine tastings, dining and private events, the space is filled with guests sampling wines and enjoying the view alongside a carefully curated menu, designed to be shared with friends.


Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow is the world’s first pure milk vodka, made entirely from the milk of grass-grazed cows and nothing else. Fresh whole milk makes an exceptionally smooth vodka with a unique, creamy character.

Pure Milk Vodka™ is the invention of British dairy farmer Jason Barber. His inspiration came from a desire to diversify the produce from his 250 strong dairy herd and his deep personal interest in vodka.



Knightor Winery

Knightor Winery makes premium quality, limited production wines from grapes grown in English vineyards, as well as its own vines at Portscatho and Seaton on the south Cornwall coast. 

England’s marginal climate gives low grape yields which maximise taste but increase cost, so Knightor only makes still and sparkling rose and white wines, which are true to the fruit and retain an elegance which is part of the inherent character of English wine.


Moorland Distillery

Moorland Distillery is a family-owned small batch distillery, established in 2016, and located on the edge of Bodmin Moor.

The vision: to produce quality beverages from pure ingredients, allowing them time to mature into exceptional drinks. The family began by exploring a range of base ingredients to produce an outstanding Cornish Brandy alongside a refreshing Cornish Apple Schnapps.


Cornish Rock Gin

Inspired by strolls along Rock beach, Cornish Rock Gin was set up in 2018 by George, Angie and Mark. Each bottle is made using fragrant botanicals from the local countryside, combined with the purest Cornish spring water. The team, which is based in north Cornwall, released its first batch in June 2018.


Mother's Ruin 1751 Commander Fox

Mother’s Ruin 1751 Distilling Company

A unique line of Gin & Rum created in the heart of Cornwall. Its flagship products are:

• Cornish Blue Flamingo Gin – A Classic London Dry.
• Commander Fox – An authentic Old Tom Style Gin.
• Sea Maiden Rum – A smooth and stormy Spiced Rum.

Mother’s Ruin was the first distiller in Cornwall to launch a ready-to-drink double Gin & Tonic and a double Gin & Ginger Ale in a can at 8% proof – both went on to win Gold in the Taste of the West awards.

Unlike many other Cornish Distillers, Mother’s Ruin distil with as many local, fresh botanicals as possible and refuse to waste anything, using any excess botanicals in its range of preserves.

The newest product to join the line-up is Sea Maiden, a smooth and stormy spiced rum, infused with notes of vanilla, lime, cinnamon, and nutmeg and blended with Cornish Spring water and bottled at 40% alcohol.

Follow the company on all social media platforms by searching @MothersRuin1751.


Colwith Farm Distillery

Colwith Farm Distillery

Colwith Farm Distillery is Cornwall’s only ‘plough to bottle’ distillery, crafting award winning spirits from scratch from the potatoes grown on their family farm. The distillery operates fully on renewable energy and utilizes its own water supply from a bore hole found deep in the Cornish land.

Their flagship ‘Aval Dor Cornish Vodka’ won platinum at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition – a first ever for a British vodka! Plus their Dry Gin won gold for ‘Best Gin in the World’. They also have a Visitors Centre where you can come and tour their working distillery, sample their spirits and learn to make your own gin or flavoured vodka to take home and share with your friends!


The Bearded Brewery

The Bearded Brewery

The Bearded Brewery is an independent award-winning small batch Craft Cider & Spirit producer. Its owners Sparky and Robbie have worked hard to create a range of premium craft ciders & spirits unlike anything else available.

The Bearded Brewery is located at Swallow’s Rest on the picturesque Carnanton Estate near the village of St Mawgan, Cornwall. The location is named after the numerous nesting Swallow’s that frequent the brew house and bottle shop.

Each of the brewery’s ciders and spirits are handcrafted and brewed on-site in a farm-side setting where visitors can sit back, relax and enjoy sampling the full range of products.


Cornish Seahorse Gin

Cornish Seahorse Gin

We make our own Gin using our still ‘Skip’ and our own spring water, flavours include Orange & Honey, Seaberry, and a super smooth Navy Strength. We will also be selling our own Sloe Gin made with a bespoke orange gin and our Vodka will be available too.


Tan Dowr Vodka

Tan Dowr Premium Cornish Sea Salt Vodka is the award winning Unique ‘Spirit’ of Cornwall. “Tan Dowr” – Is the Cornish translation for Fire Water. With Cornish roots steeped in the legend and lore of our iconic, ever-changing coastline “Tan Dowr” Sea Salt Vodka evolves from the tangy taste of sea spray. A clean, crisp, fusion of flavours delivers the ultimate bedrock for an inspired cocktail. We are passionate about portraying our heritage through our Vodka. With some of the best produce in the world on offer we knew we wanted a flavour that spoke of our County. With this in mind we have chosen to use the very best Cornish Sea Salt for our Vodka. We believe this flavour allows the Vodka to be enjoyed at its best. No ingredient in the world has been used more than sea salt to enhance flavour. Our Vodka is smooth and syrup-like when enjoyed neat over ice and can be enjoyed in a multitude of different cocktails. We find that this uniquely flavoured spirit really shines in the cocktail world. Therefore, we have handcrafted an amazing selection of Cornish products and created our very special gift boxed cocktail kits.


8track Rum

Founded by two Cornish friends, 8Track is a delicious, award-winning spiced rum that celebrates and supports music, good times together and doing better for the planet.

We’ll be offering a range of 8Track bottles, fun gift sets and merchandise – all plastic free – and perfect gifts for music lovers and rum fans alike.

Firebrand Brewing Co

Firebrand first started brewing from a converted milking parlour on the untamed edge of Bodmin Moor, North Cornwall. The idea was born from our passion for beer made from all-natural ingredients, Cornish spring water, and American hops.

Cornico Coffee

Cornico Coffee is a family run speciality coffee roastery based just outside of Padstow, founded in 2009 by Andrew Tobin.

Cornico supplies coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and more with everything from fresh coffee beans to barista training in their purpose-built training facility.
Being a family run business, great service and quality products is top priority which shows in their customer friendships and gold award winning coffee’s.