Sharp’s Chefs Theatre Timetable

Thursday 1st December
12.00pm Nathan Outlaw
1.00pm Adrian Oliver and Bruce Rennie
2.00pm Frances Quinn
3.00pm Paul Ainsworth and Paul Dodd
4.00pm Emily Watkins and Jack Clayton
Friday 2nd December
10.00am Hugo Woolley
11.00am Ross Geach and Olly Hutson
12.00pm Nick Hemming and Max Savage
1.00pm Rick Stein
2.00pm Ed Hughes and Zack Hawke
3.00pm Paul Ainsworth and John Walton
4.00pm Food Forum - Angela Hartnett, Robin and Judy Hutson and Jill Stein
5.00pm Paul Wadman and José Graziosi
6.00pm Mitch Tonks and Mark Sargeant
7.00pm Angela Hartnett and Luke Holder
Saturday 3rd December
10.00am Phil Vickery, Fern Britton and Brian Turner
11.00am Phil Vickery
12.00pm Nigel Haworth and Brian Turner
12.45pm Paco Sanchez and Peter Sanchez-Iglesias
1.45pm Food Forum: Rick Stein, Tom Parker Bowles, Tom Kerridge, Mitch Tonks and Jo Rees
2.45pm Ashley Palmer Watts and Paul Ainsworth
3.45pm Michael Caines
4.45pm Charles Stein and Ruth Spivey
5.30pm Nieves Barragán Mohacho and José Pizarro
Sunday 4th December
10.00am Food Forum - Ask the Chefs
10.45am Angela Hartnett and Neil Borthwick
11.30am Simon Hulstone and Anton Piotrowski
12.30pm Sat Bains
1.30pm Jack Stein and Dan Doherty
2.30pm Paul Ainsworth and Tom Kerridge
3.15pm Nathan Outlaw and Stephane Delourme
4.15pm Clare Smyth

All times and details are correct at time of going to press but may be subject to change.

These events are always popular so make sure you arrive in plenty of time to grab a seat!

Tickets for demos will be available in the theatre approximately one hour before the demo starts.

Everyone must leave the theatre between each demo.

The tickets are free but a donation for local charities would be much appreciated.