What to look out for at the Christmas Market

Don’t miss The Prince’s Trust makers at this year’s market!

Each year, the festival raises money for charities that provide vital services and support to the local area – and this year is no exception. 

This year, the festival is supporting The Prince’s Trust as well as the Fishermen’s Mission and Cornwall Air Ambulance. 

In the Christmas Market marquee, there will be a number of young people, supported by the Trust, showcasing their arts, designs and businesses, and we wanted to tell you a bit more about their work. 

If you are visiting the Christmas Market this year, keep an eye out for their stalls!

Introducing the Prince’s Trust makers:

Kit Pizza: 

“I’ve lived in Cornwall since I was 5, but I’ve been very lucky to have travelled a lot. During my journeys, I fell in love with pizza and was consistently disappointed with the options available in my town. Like most people in lockdown, I had the time and couldn’t go anywhere to get pizza, so I learned how to make it at home. There were a few dodgy pizzas to start, but with a bit of practice, I got rather good at it. I’ve always wanted to own/build a business, and this seemed like the perfect time to give it a go. With the help of the Prince’s Trust, I structured a plan and got started. Crust was born in my parents’ front garden, selling pizza to tourists coming off the beach. A year later, I used every penny I made to build the restaurant.”

Amy’s Creative Art

“My name is Amy Rossiter, and my business is Amy’s Creative Art. I create a wide range of artwork including paintings, textile artwork and jewellery. My art is for anyone who appreciates nature and seascapes/landscapes.” 


Dalr Jewellery:

“I’m Ali, the creator of Dalr Jewellery. I make unique Jewellery designs using 100% recycled Sterling Silver 925. I take my inspiration from the rock formations along the coastline of Cornwall, old Viking Jewellery and also from the amazing artworks of Gustav Klimt.

“I am currently hiking the South West coastal path and during my hikes I create one of my favourite designs where I print different rock formation patterns onto silver that create a unique texture from that place. Come and have a look at the festival.” 



Rare Bear Jewellery

“My name is Elle George, I am the creator of original pieces of wearable art. My designs are for those who enjoy raw and earthy bespoke jewellery. I love texture and movement, and I try to incorporate this within each piece I make. I am inspired by organic materials, untouched landscapes and the pulse of the sea.

I use the oldest traditional method of jewellery making; Lost Wax Casting to make original creations and one-off pieces, that are then cast in eco silver, bronze or brass, sometimes incorporating ethically sourced precious stones and crystals.” 

Aurora The Hoarder: 

Guinevere Walker-Wood is the founder of this Cornwall-based business selling vintage clothing. 


Fionn Thomas founded Tempesta. A streetwear brand at its core, but in truth it is far more than that – with an emphasis on creating from a base provided ethically and sustainably. 

“Based in rural Cornwall, we feel a heavy connection to the natural world around us and feel a sense of responsibility to do our bit to care for the planet.”

Eve Diveney-Clegg:

“I am a ceramic artist, based in Falmouth, Cornwall. I create pinch-built vessels and am exploring human form through sculpture. My practice is informed by emotion, expression and body language. Each piece is hand-built and therefore unique.” 

Sophia Wynter

Sophia Wynter is an artist based in Newquay, Cornwall; born in Colchester, Essex working mostly with oil paint on canvas or on wood. A fundamental part of Sophia’s artistic practice is life drawing. Along with running her own life drawing classes in Newquay, she regularly attends the St Ives sessions. 

The Market will be on Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th in Padstow harbour as part of Padstow Christmas Festival. A brilliant opportunity to shop local and support new makers and artists this Christmas.